Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An LCD display for Raspberry Pi

Hooking up a portable lcd display to Raspberry Pi can open up tons of ideas. PC or network status monitor, notifier for email, tweets, comments or feeds, weather station or a display for a robot are just a few ideas one could think of in about ten and half seconds :).

With too many options to pick from, I suddenly came across this one.

It's an assembled 2.8 inch color graphics LCD with on board LCD controller and a resolution of 320x240. Found on ebay and it's almost a brand-less product.

What caught my attention is the USB interface, good looking form factor and the software support. It's based on libusb, so can be programmed from many languages. There are code examples using C# and a python port is also easily found. It should be simple to plug this into the Raspberry Pi or the PC and displaying some text in python or c# in a couple of minutes. No soldering or jumper wire required. It also works as a tiny photo frame with an on board 2 mb flash. For the downside, it has a poor refresh rate.

In the next post, I'll show how to build a Raspberry Pi weather station using this LCD under 5 minutes. If you had this display, how would you use it? Do share you ideas. If it is an easy one, I might give it a try.


  1. Any chance you can post a link to the LCD you purchased on eBay?

  2. Could you post a link of the auction listing on ebay?

    Thanks very much,


  3. I would also like a link to ebay for the LCD, please.


  5. Yes, that's the link @nikgr. Alternatively, please search in ebay: lcd sys info.

  6. Thanks for the info. I also had difficulties to find the display, but now it will be on the way.


  7. I guess I made the ebay seller very happy as well :P.

  8. What drivers, code did you use to connect between the display, python and your pi? I've been looking all over to find some tutorials on how to do this...

    1. I'm using this library:

      They have a link to the library here:


  9. I would like to build an DSO using the RaspPI + this LCD + MCP3208-CI/P do you think the LCD will handle the refresh rate ?

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  11. Hi There

    Can you please advise how you used pylcdsysinfo to display the images? I'm having a bit of trouble